Airbrush Tanning Prices

Tanning Services

New Customer (full body)$37
Touch-Up (full body)$32
Senior / Student Discount (must show current ID)$30
Winter Tan (from the waist up)$27
Wrap Tan (from above the breast and up)$22

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any preparation needed?

Please shower, shave (wash thoroughly after shaving to remove any excess shaving cream) and exfoliate. (There is no need to use harsh products or loofas. A wash cloth and soap with a rubbing motion will remove dry skin without damage).

After shower and before tanning, please do not wear make-up, moisturizer, lotion, perfume or deodorant to the salon. Because our solution is all natural and is airbrushed onto the skin, stimulating your pigment to tan, clean, open pores will give the best results.

Please wear loose-fitting clothing (T-shirt, shorts or sweatpants) to the salon. You will feel like you have a good moisturizer on for about an hour. Wearing tight-fitting clothing home may be uncomfortable.

What should I wear to tan in?

State Law requires you to wear at least a thong. Besides that, please wear whatever else you are comfortable in. Most of our employees come from the medical field, and, therefore, are very comfortable with the human body. We will provide disposable thongs and bras at a low cost upon request.

What color options are available?

The Natural Tan – A soft sexy shimmer! Looks like you have really great skin! Very natural looking (think J-Lo) Great for wedding parties, special occasions, winter months and really pale people.

The Beach Tan – A beautifully bronzed body! Looks like you spent a week at the beach. Really noticeable color that works well on 90% of people making this our most popular tan.

The Indian Summer Tan – A simply gorgeous look! This is the exact same tan as our Beach Tan but with red highlights, giving you a just off the beach sun kissed look.

The Island Tan – Extremely noticeable & absolutely awesome! Our darkest tan will make you look like you live on an island with nothing to do but play on the beach. Not recommended on your first visit, due to the high level of DHA.

Not sure of the right one for you? No worries. All of our technicians are trained in identifying skin tones and coloring. Please allow us to guide you in the right direction.

How long will it take?

About five to six minutes to be airbrushed, and five to dry.

When will I see results?

Immediately! Due to a Color Guide, but remember your tan is still processing for the next several 6 to 8 hours.

How long will the tan last?

The average client reports the tan lasts for seven days. Moisturizing is highly recommended and will prolong the life of the tan.

What about after tanning, is there anything special I have to do?

Just avoid excess sweating and water until you have showered, after 6 to 8 hours. Remember to moisturize daily and enjoy your Healthy Tan!